|TMIS – Our Mission|

|TMIS – Our Mission|

Our Mission: inherit the spirit of “love” in Montessori school. Love the earth and the universe. Magnify love to the greatest! Actions bring about changes~

Today, every staff member of Ms. Lam School, including three care centers, four kindergartens, and TMIS gathered together to understand our universal mission:

It is our great privilege to invite Ms. Huang, the director of Green Peace, to introduce the threats of climate change and ways to respond. Ms. Lam illustrated Our Mission with the brand new gorgeous wall of Xin Sheng: Spread love — including the “natural love” such as parents’ love toward their children and the “effortful love” such as human’s love for protecting our earth.

We also introduced the new principal of TMIS, Ms. Teresa on this occasion. The members of Ms. Lam School’s big family also seize the chance to know one another.

Let us face the future together with burning love in our hearts. See you tomorrow!

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