|TMIS – 感恩節 Thanksgiving|

|TMIS – 感恩節 Thanksgiving|
不僅如此,孩子們更是發揮了豐富的想像力。連結大樹和火雞的造型,我們將感恩小卡剪剪貼貼做點加工,搖身一變就成了樹葉和羽毛呢! 快來看看我們可愛又帶意義的完成品吧!
Today is Thanksgiving Day, TMIS prepared a delicious turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes for the children, hoping to make them feel an atmosphere of gratitude.
We also led the children to write their thank cards while enjoying the food. Through the teacher’s step-by-step guidance, the children began to discover from their hearts all the little details of their lives that they are thankful for.
Not only that, but the children also showed their imagination. We cut and pasted the thankfulness cards to make them into leaves and feathers, linking them to a tree and a turkey. Come and see our cute and meaningful finished products!