TMIS Features

Education is not what we do, it is the outcome of what we do.

01 Building a bridge for children Our teachers

The main teachers of Taipei International Montessori School have all received teacher training for 6-12 years old through AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

The teacher may not be proficient in every subject, but is a "generalist" in all subjects. He or she does not play a complacent and all-knowing role, but will always explore the world alongside children with modesty, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Our teachers understand: children will always know more than you do!

A model for children

Our teachers are full of love for learning, not only for the children but for themselves. TMIS supports the teachers’ further education workshops, professional development days, and international seminars.

02 To explore the world Going out and Learning trip

03 Bring your self out Self-expression

Self-expression is a two-way street. I express, you respond.

In addition to speaking out loud, self-expression is multi-dimensional. It is a two-way interaction…. I perform. I observe. I interpret another’s a reaction. I understand and adjust. Then, I perform again. The children of TMIS go through these processes every day. Like while fencing (which might seem to be just a physical activity), they rely on many skills and need to change strategy by observing an opponent. Or, as in a stage performance, actors cannot just talk to themselves. For a good result, one must pay attention to the situation and the audience, then correct the performance method.

Present the best of yourself

If children are interested in different types of drama and music, they will understand their cultural significance by researching and exploring before learning to perform. This process will ensure they can interpret the true meaning and present their best selves.

04 Language is a tool of life Immersive bilingual environment

English and Chinese in TMIS are not just subjects, but tools integrated into the teaching and learning environment.

In the immersive learning process, the children are grouped according to learning experience or interests. The language comes to life when used in different situations, such as going out, projects, writing, and presentations ... etc.

Choose your own future

Children can navigate through bilingualism and life with ease. They can freely choose their future destination -- without borders -- after graduation.

05 From Micasa to TMIS, from TMIS to the future Ms.Lam School