|TMIS – Summer Program Week 2|

|TMIS – Summer Program Week 2|

In week 2, we studied energetic South America! We learned about the national flags in South America and famous sites such as the Jesus statue and Machu Picchu. Our reports had more details this week.

In the cooking class this week, we had a greater challenge: cutting ingredients and kneading and rolling dough to make tasty pizza! Everyone is improving a lot in the basketball and chess class!

In drama class, we practiced greeting with various voices and postures of different characters, including the stiff robots, the babbling toddlers, and the terrifying monsters. We even came up with short stories and train our expression skills and creativity.

We also used light clay to make the terrains we learned in class. We even added landforms like volcanos and beaches in our works. We learned with our eyes, hands, and heart.

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