Learning works

Our work at TMIS

We study Asia in groups and follow the historical context to understand the cultural characteristics and customs of various regions.
Some children studied Japan and then explored the development of Sumo; some children studied China and made a three-dimensional model of a yurt…

“This is my favorite hand-made art!”
When taking pictures of the classroom work, I was attracted by this joyful remark.

“We use waste paper to make it, because it is wasteful if it is not used, and the material is very good and suitable.”
“The roof is red cellophane, and the one hanging down is the fireplace.”
“The pattern of the house originally wanted to choose the best one, but we later discovered the creativity that everyone puts together is the best. ”
“This furniture was made after we studied a lot of information.”

The children, one after another, share their mental journey.
It can also be felt that their attitude towards work is very dedicated and attentive, and the discussions and cooperation between teams are also very respectful and close.
(The editor who passed by accident is really looking forward to seeing their masterpiece after listening to it!)