Parent’s Sharing Session Part 4: Activities you can do with your children at home

On 9/29, a series of parent’s sharing sessions by TMIS came to an end.
Today, we invited the fathers and mothers of 3 second-grade and third-grade children to share their experiences with the children at home.

There are many ways that you can spend quality time with your child, engaging him to create and explore together.
“The child studied space at school and decided to make a model of the planet.
As a dad with an art background, I decided to spend time with my children to try!
In the process, children will encounter difficulties and bottlenecks, but they will also understand the details of production better.
After getting started, the expansion of dreams will become bigger and bigger, and the ideas will become wilder and wilder.
Time and time again, we use mathematics to calculate, we use rulers to compose pictures,
and we use the practice to complete the increasingly challenging imagination in our minds. ”

“It is very difficult to be with children for a long time!
We are well aware that learning starts with imitation, and parents also play role models at home.
So it is very important to spend time with your children well.
I will find fun with my children at home,
When splicing small train tracks, we discuss the feasibility of space design together,
When playing Monopoly, let the children construct the concept of financial management,
In the entertainment process, we also try to get him to think about some important things. ”

“Usually I only give children four tools — paper, scissors, pen, and tape — and let them create their own toys.
The two children will play freely and create their own happiness.
As children get older, they will project their company on their parents.
Recently my boy started to propose to help with cooking, I asked him to help with some simple procedures,
The process of companionship is two-way, and the flow of growth is also two-way.
In addition, exercise is very helpful for children,
In addition to being good for your health, you can also vent excess physical strength.
Children have their own favorite projects, as long as he is interested, I will spend time with him to try,
Each stage is like playing a video game. The child will always break through the barriers, and with him, he will get better and better. ”

Parents also shared that they participated in the lecture of Teacher Luo Baohong held by the PTA of New Life Park yesterday,
You can thank your child for three things before going to bed, and ask him to think about the three things to be thankful for.
Let him think about his own good, think about where he works hard,
Every child will have words that he wants to put in his heart, as well as tenderness that he wants to share with you.

There are many ways and channels to spend time with children, sports, board games, stationery stores, and art clubs are also great choices.
The school and the parents are the children’s educational partners. Together, we help the children to go better on their way of learning!